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    by Jeremiah Probodanu

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    Next strike of horror-art: Damien Worm.

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    As you think, so you are.

    Everything exists for us in thought. That of which we think exists in us, and if we desire and love it, we exist in it, in either the objective or the spiritual world. Tell me, says the Adept, of a man’s ambition and love, and I will tell you the true man. The things we desire and love gravitate toward us and we toward them.

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    Amulets and Magical Discs

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    This miniseries?  This is what I thought magic must be like.  Even before I started seriously studying and practicing, I always wanted to grow up to be Viviane.

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    Blood moon

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    Lights and Shadows by Kyriakos Kaziras 

    Thank You, Kyriakos !


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    moon eclipse tonight

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